Isonomic was founded in 2018 by Emma Parker, who having studied Psychology and Computer Science followed by masters in Human Resources, a further masters in Coaching and Policy, combined with over 20 years consulting in transformation, process efficiency, procedural transformation and change management, Emma realised she had a unique ability of identifying the heart of an enterprise's transformation need, co-designing innovative solutions and enabling real engagement of end users so the needed change sticks.  However, there were restrictions in the appetite for change and restrictions in thinking around how operating models can really be challenged. Emma realised there was an opportunity to pioneer the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to create a deeper and richer workplace transformation AND change management experience.  Isonomic brings together the greatest talents in mixed reality, 3D, animation, technology and software design and programming to deliver new ways of working and learning.

In their first year of trading Isonomic secured partnership for Mixed Reality with Microsoft, as well as delivering a complex 12 month project with the NSW Government using the HoloLens.  Isonomic is now focused on creating a range of experiential learning tools and services to treat depression and enhance performance.


Mixed reality is a key component of digitisation

We have a reputation of exploring where and how technology can be used to bring both commercial and safe working practices to life for our clients. Our clients needs drive our solution development and innovation. We want to ensure we can deliver boutique custom solutions, that improve quality, safety and efficiency. We endeavour to bring to all our clients global innovation and best practice

Isonomic Mission and Values

To pioneer mixed reality and data driven technology innovation tools for use by organisations and individuals.

  • For organisations we want to implement changes that revolutionise the workplace and transform how experiential learning and engagement is delivered; creating a real change for the user and the organisation.

  • For individuals we want to create and deliver innovative tools that create a real lasting change delivered in accessible ways for an affordable price.



Isonomic understands the importance of an indepth understanding of complex process flows, procedures and where technology and human interactions cut across these. We deep dive into these using a discovery process involving auditing, interviewing SME’s and collating data.

We then work with clients to understand opportunities how these process flows and procedures can be challenged and innovated using innovative technology.   We incorporate into our design opportunities for data capture, feedback loops and automation.   We work closely with our customers to understand the progression required to reach their ideal future end state.  


user centric design

User centric design enables us to innovate, be creative and create an end game that delivers a real change.  Creating a visual flow of the solution, issues for integration and an environment where problems can be solved effectively.

Isonomic understands the importance of user back design and getting to grips with understanding human perceptions and their needs at work.  In the design phase we work with the same working group to ensure each phase of the solution meets their needs and users have the ability to contribute/challenge and reinvent areas.  We want the users to be excited about the change and own the outcome.


real innovation

Complex innovative projects are only achievable through access, understanding and application of technology breakthroughs available globally.  

We believe in finding the right technology match for our clients to meet their needs. We commit to being active and across technology breakthroughs being made globally that would deliver value for our client, ahead of their competitors. We also believe in testing the boundaries of AR/VR technology so that we can deliver and advantage to our clients.  As part of this commitment Isonomic builds partnerships with technology providers, data specialists and AI innovators to bring the best solutions to our clients.



Isonomics core strength is creating, managing and delivering change. With transformation experts charged with scoping changes and creating delivery pathways, we make sure that from the beginning we capture the hearts and minds of those we are working with.

Change is more than just a methodology, its a core value. The ability to adapt, understand and move barriers to change is vital to being an adept organisation striving to be consistently ahead of the pack.


real quality

For us, our clients and their end users quality is the most important thing.  We aim to consistently meet and exceed quality measures to ensure the work we produce is robust and can stand the test of time

At Isonomic Quality counts.  The work we do relies on ensuring technical accuracy of our products, content and timing of actions against accurate animations, data and procedure flows.  From an animation and design perspective we pride ourselves in a quality sign off system using the latest approval cycle from film and tv, engaging our client’s technical teams in every stage of the build, to ensure accuracy and quality is achieved.  For system integration and user testing we believe in pilot phases


Real teamwork

We succeed only because of the teams we work with.  We build inspired teams, who are rewarded and encouraged to increase their expertise and knowledge. 

Isonomic teams have different skills, experiences and perspectives to deliver excellent outcomes for our clients. No one skill set is more important than another.  We believe in each other, we work together with humour, trust and transparency.  We aim for excellence the first time and beat our client deadlines and expectations.

Sometimes when we deliver innovative projects failure occurs along the way as a natural part of the process of pushing boundaries. When failure occurs we rely on trust and transparency to understand failure points, learn from them and not repeat them.


Customer Success Proposition



For us customer on-boarding involves a detailed statement of work, robust planning, aligned project team and appropriate design and project methodologies that both parties agree on.

We aim for this upfront so that we can begin to deliver on our customers expectations as soon as the project commences.

A critical part of client on-boarding for Isonomic is a defined approach to roles and responsibilities, reporting needs,  key outputs and success criteria for the program of works. 


Value creation

For us value creation begins at the design phase where we look at the economics of the solution, the break even or economic viability points, the level of users required to return on investment; and the point at which the investment starts to create a return.   This enables us to understand viability. We build these economic factors into solution and delivery strategies.

Isonomic has the capability of holistically managing the roll out and monitoring of the technology innovation for our clients or working with internal change teams to help support this.    



For us performance = knowing who is using the device, where, how and for how long.  We can capture data around where and how they learn.   We can also gather real time data (where possible) on which areas that are viewed most often, and send alerts if consumption suddenly drops or spikes around particular processes or procedures.   This can be delivered in-house or outsourced to us.

We also provide technical support (in-house or out-house – or combination) for delivered projects as required by the customer. 

Isonomic Leadership Team

Isonomic deliver cutting edge projects through our established relationships with leading VR/AR, 3D/2D creatives and Unity programmers.  We are currently looking for interested technology and creative leaders to join our team in the US, Australia and Asia. 


Emma Parker
Managing Director  

Emma is a transformation and change expert, having worked in major blue chip environments consulting.  She has built change strategies, training and coaching across business hierarchies. She understands what user back design really means. 


Chris Leaver
Partner, Production & Delivery 

Chris is a visual effects artist and producer, sculptor and all round lover of all things creative.  He has a keen eye for the look and feel of immersive experiences and has an intrinsic understanding of the animation required to deliver them 




Isonomic's means parity, in that we are all equal. To this end our core value is to be a company that uses as little of the earth's resources as possible and returns a portion of its profits back into projects which are aimed at ensuring every one on the planet has access to basic needs to live and thrive: water, food and education.   We recognise that we are in a privileged position both in our location and our access to resources.  


We will donate a portion of our profits in 2018 to the following charities. These have been handpicked and are aligned to our goals and values. 

Isonomic are proud Patrons of the Rainforest Trust.

Isonomic are proud Patrons of the Rainforest Trust.

mission blue.jpg

Mission Blue ORG 

We donate a portion of our earnings to the Mission Blue Org, as part of our commitment to ensuring nature affords the same protection as people

Amazon frontlines org 

We donate a portion of our earnings to the Amazon Frontlines Org as part of our commitment to ensuring indigenous communities and their resources are protected from further harm 

Open Positions

Unity Programmer 

We have various ongoing roles for unity programmers.  


  • At least 4 years paid programming experience 
  • Have delivered AR/VR projects 

Technical & Training Writers 

We have ongoing need for technical and training writers.  Who are able to lead working groups and decipher complex training content into user friendly, information content 


  • Experience in writing training content for users 
  • Experienced technical writer with excellent grammar 
  • Strong relationship management skills 


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