Isonomic launches DreamAwake

Dreamlike experiences targeting the subconscious are difficult for most of the population to access during sleep, and impossible to experience during waking hours. With virtual reality advancements, we are now able to directly access pathways to enable creative cognition, tapping straight into the subconscious mind through a bespoke tool called DreamAwake. The DreamAwake tool enhances performance, increases courage and opens up pathways to innovative creative solutions. This tool is a first of its kind in the world.

User experience feedback has shown that the effects of the DreamAwake tool are immediate, with performance improvements being experienced after the first session. A 30 minute version of this experience is now available for global demonstrations. The tool can be tailored to specific endeavours (acting, performance, executive and different industries).

Isonomic Launches a PTSD Relief Application

We have had a busy few months at Isonomic.   We are now in the launch phase of a  project to alleviate the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and provide tools to help with ongoing relief from symptoms. 

We have used the Oculus Rift to develop an immersive guided experience set within a stunning redwood forest.  Users report feelings of bliss following the 20 minute session. Another more transportable version will be made in the Oculus Go. It will be available in multiple language formats. 

Isonomic extensive research has taken the best that science has discovered around trauma therapy using music, nature, meditation and visual stimuli and created an immersive 360 experience which is a game changer for trauma treatments.  We hope to take this experience into the field in situations of trauma and help provide relief to those suffering before it becomes complex PTSD and is more difficult to treat.  

"What we do know is talking about traumatic events too soon can actually impair long term recovery, our tool isn't about exploring the issue that happened, but helping the user be in a more comfortable state of mind to cope, enabling them to get to a point that they can face what happened" Emma Parker, Founder of Isonomic. 

Watch this space for a video snippet of the experience.