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Let Creativity and Innovation Come Alive in Your Workplace

Isonomic has developed and curated a first of its kind Executive Training Program that can be delivered in-house or in locations that enable innovation; including Shanghai and Silicon Valley


6 week intensive leadership program to enable innovation

We have curated and developed a state of the art leadership program that ignites, excites and enables leaders to tap into their own creativity, as well as increasing their ability to solve critical problems your organisation faces. Isonomic have used the latest performance psychology research to build a first of its kind Virtual Reality immersion which opens up users minds to innovation and creativity; coupled with presentations and teaching from leaders in innovation and workplace change. This program is can be delivered in house or curated over a longer period in locations which will enrich the experience and ability to touch and feel creations from the most imaginative minds in the world.

3 Part 60 minute Virtual Reality Creativity Immersion

Isonomic have worked with psychologists to build a first of its kind state of the art creativity and innovation enabler, the experience releases fear, opens the mind and puts the user in a state between awake and dreaming - the sweet spot for innovation. Let the future into your company now.