Psychology Based Projects - Changing the human mind

Using the latest techniques in Augmented and Virtual Reality, including mirroring, haptic feedback, 360 sound, animation and bespoke scripting Isonomic delivers experiences which provide relief from trauma, stress and open the mind up to its potential. Each experience is tailored to the specific need, cultural requirements and setting where users will undertake the experience. With our background in psychology we understand what it takes to immerse the human mind.

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Therapy support

Using innovative Virtual Reality technology to reduce the symptoms of trauma during therapy or counselling. Designed to be support therapy sessions by aiding processing and decreasing anxiety or depression symptoms.

Working through traumas in therapy is the hardest thing an individual can face. With therapy sessions capped at 45 minutes, people can find themselves at the end of a session without the time to process or de-pressurise the container that has been popped open.

Isonomic have created a 30 minute guided experience in a virtual redwood forest. Users wear an oculus rift headset and will be in a relaxed state post the session.

This product is currently in a pilot in a psychiatric practice in Sydney. Results from the pilot will be published in news and research in August 2019.

                                    Medical & Healthcare Training

We work with researchers, institutions, universities and government bodies to take real issues and turn them into innovative immersive experiences.   These experiences can be moved between technologies, such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, and aimed at the end point consumer or at educators wanting to innovate training for medical professionals.   We use the latest technologies to deploy solutions, as members of developer communities across the globe we get access to the latest technology.  We build collaborative storyboards with experts and end users utilising user back design and technical training design.   

We have already built 3D solutions for heart surgery, brain training and education around nerves.