Partner with Us

Clinical Trials

We believe that mixed reality has the ability to make a great contribution to how we understand our own minds and create game-changing advances in experiential learning and experiences. We also know that clinical evidence is trialling behind the technology. As part of this we are already funding pilots of products we make to understand what works and what doesn’t work.

As part of this we are interested in partnering with Universities and Organisations to extend trials and collect research around how this technology aids learning, education and healthcare. We are happy from our side to submit our time and expertise around these tools to help us drive efficacy.


Software Partners

We are looking for software partners with adaptable solutions around knowledge management, who have an understanding of the need to be able to push one area of knowledge onto multiple solutions; quickly and easily.

Our preference is partners who are open to a fee for service and adapting solutions for clients, so we can build bespoke knowledge management mixed reality solutions in multiple devices.

Please contact us to let us know more about your products and services and how we can work together.