Customer Success Proposition



For us customer on-boarding involves a detailed statement of work, robust planning, aligned project team and appropriate design and project methodologies that both parties agree on.

We aim for this upfront so that we can begin to deliver on our customers expectations as soon as the project commences.

A critical part of client on-boarding for Isonomic is a defined approach to roles and responsibilities, reporting needs,  key outputs and success criteria for the program of works. 


Value creation

For us value creation begins at the design phase where we look at the economics of the solution, the break even or economic viability points, the level of users required to return on investment; and the point at which the investment starts to create a return.   This enables us to understand viability. We build these economic factors into solution and delivery strategies.

Isonomic has the capability of holistically managing the roll out and monitoring of the technology innovation for our clients or working with internal change teams to help support this.    



For us performance = knowing who is using the device, where, how and for how long.  We can capture data around where and how they learn.   We can also gather real time data (where possible) on which areas that are viewed most often, and send alerts if consumption suddenly drops or spikes around particular processes or procedures.   This can be delivered in-house or outsourced to us.

We also provide technical support (in-house or out-house – or combination) for delivered projects as required by the customer.